Reconditioned Engine – Phase 2

General Information

A fully reconditioned Ivor Searle 948cc A series engine. Suitable for an Austin Healey Sprite 1958 -1964. The head is converted to run on unleaded petrol. The front pulley felt seal has been converted to the later rubber lip seal.

We have researched every aspect of this build to match factory specifications, even producing our own parts where needed. As Phase 1 but with the following fitted as new:

• Fully restored SU HS1 1 1/8th Carburettors set for Mk1 Sprite with new heat shield.
• We have sourced the correct exhaust manifold for the early sprites with the cover plate.
• Negative earth Electronic Ignition Distributor with Remax cap, new leads and NGK Spark plugs Caps
• NGK BP5ES Spark Plugs
• Dynamator Negative Earth Alternator in original Lucas dynamo form factor.
• New water pump, belt and powder coated fan blades and pulley.
• Reconditioned Oil filter housing with the correct extension adaptor to reposition the housing out from the engine and angled to clear the Sprite chassis rails.
• To match the original Filter housing position, we have re-manufactured the (unique to Sprite) filter oil flow pipe. This is not the same pipe fitted to Morris Minor, Minis etc. As far as we know we are the only people remanufacturing this pipe to the original design.
• New Thermostat and housing
• All nuts and bolts are new correct UNF or UNC as originally specified.
• All gaskets replaced as new.

Price – £3805


Manufacturer – Austin Healey

Model – Sprite

Year – 1958-1964

Engine Size – 948cc

Transmission – Manual

Fuel – Petrol

History Report

Originally, we elected to strip our engine box and send them away to a local engineering company to have the block, cylinder head and crank re-engineered. These came back to us ready to rebuild which we did ourselves using all new components.

There was a considerable time span between us sending the blocks away and them being returned to us and then we then had to factor in the rebuilding time. As you can imagine, this was a lengthy process.

We then discovered a company called Ivor Searle, had a meeting with their technical department and gave them 4 engines to trial. The engines were taken from us and returned, rebuilt and painted in a fraction of time it would have taken us to do them ourselves with the added peace of mind of having a 12-month warranty. Result!

We have acquired a number of engines, which are not from any of our particular cars, which we have had rebuild and since put up for sale. We sell these engines in the following 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Base Engine
Phase 2 – Turnkey Engine
Phase 3 – Turnkey Engine with Clutch and Gearbox

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