Riley RMC 1950

General Information

The Riley RM Series went into production just after World War 2 in 1945 and stayed in production until 1955. The manufacture originally took place in Coventry but was later moved to Abingdon in 1949.

Price – £


Manufacturer – Riley

Model – RMC

Year – 1950

Engine Size – 2.5 litre Big Four

Transmission – Manual 4 speed

Fuel – Petrol

History Report

This beautiful example of the RMC is Green and white with a deep tan interior. These 3 seater open topped tourers are now extremely rare and are seldom seen outside of private collections.

Powered by the legendary Riley Big Four, which was developed much ahead of its time in 1937 with hemispherical combustion chambers and twin camshafts mounted high at the side of the cylinder block which in its day could power this sleek and stylish machine to 100mph.

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