Volkswagen Beetle Karmann 1979

General Information

The need for a people's car (Volkswagen in German), it's concept and it's functional objectives were formulated by the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. He wanted a cheap, simple car to be mass produced for his country's new road network (Reichsautobahn).

It was in 1948 that Wilhelm Karmann first bought a VW Beetle Sadan and converted it into a four-seated convertible. After successfully presenting it at VW in Wolfsburg, the Beetle Cabriolet began production in 1949.

After a number of stylistic and technical alterations made to the Karmann cabriolet the last 331,847 cabriolets came off the production line on 10 January 1980.



Manufacturer – Volkswagen

Model – Beetle Karmann Convertible

Year – 1979

Engine Size – 1570cc

Transmission – Manual 5 speed

Fuel – Petrol

History Report

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