Process Rather than Project

During the strip down stages and after many conversations a system was arrived at, described as follows.

The Memory Lane System


All Cars are completely stripped back to metal components.


All components cleaned and inspected, all nuts, bolts, washers and bushes are disguarded in favour of new.


Larger components, i.e. back axle diferentials, propshafts are fully disassembled and all moving parts are inspected, replaced or re-engineered as required.


The engines are stripped and sent away for machining i.e. head skimmed, crank reground, bores inspected and pistons and rings replaced as necessary to bring the engine back to original specification. The principle is to re-create a new or better than new example.


The same approach is taken with the gearbox.


All electrical components are cleaned and assessed. The motor Cars will be fitted with a new wiring loom, and changed to negative earth, (more about this later). These enhancements whilst still giving the car a period look makes for a more reliable driving experience.


 All paint is entirely removed from the shell and each panel is assessed for corrosion and damage and individually made good back to original condition using British manufactured panels and repair sections, seam welded in house forming invisible repairs. Once completed to our satisfaction the entire shell is
powder coated to ensure a rust free future. It is then painted in the original manufactured colour preserving the vehicle in all its glory for years to come. Where possible all Motor Cars are returned to original colour and build specification.


The engine block is rebuilt using new gaskets etc, once assembled it is mounted to our own designed, custom built, test rig and all ancillary equipment is fitted. The test rig is equipped with a complete electrical system and cooling system a dashboard with gauges to enable the engine to be started and run up to temperature, thus allowing oil pressure and engine temperature to be monitored. At this point the engine timing and carburetion is set and a pre run-in period is established. This system completely removes the first start anxiety usually associated with an engine rebuild and refit.


The shell and all components are then brought together in the main assembly area prior to the rebuild.